Sunday, April 10, 2016

Parody of Boston Globe Headlines if Hillary wins Presidency:

March 15, 2017 - Boston Globe - Current Events
"White House welcomes 500,000 refugees from Middle East." Mostly young men seeking     asylum from Iranian/Saudi conflict." 
"Drug epidemic worsens; Rio Grande being crossed at will by smugglers. Sheriff shot."
"President sending more troops to Syria, Russia warns against Yankee aggression."
"Goldman Sachs' chief-executive appointed to head Treasury Department"
"Hospital ER's overflowing; three month wait for most surgeries."
"National debt limit increased;  soaring interest rates cause huge budget shortfall."
"Chicago airports closed; racial rioting continues; arsonists destroy south side of city."
"New multi-billion dollar mosque planned for Washington DC"
NY Attorney General  prosecutes Climate Change deniers; top scientist jailed for refusing to recant."
"Bill Clinton found in Lincoln bedroom with 16 year old intern."
Secretary of State Kerry meeting with Hamas leaders, offering financial assistance for peace"
Department of Education mandates Global Warming courses in all schools"
"Hillary found in bed with her long-time Muslim assistant; denies wrongdoing; asks 'What difference does it make?'"
"Disability rolls grow, while unemployment numbers improve."
"New Ford plant in Tennessee shut down over environmental concerns. Rare tri-color lizard habitat restored"
North Dakota Rally for Trump/Cruz "losers" closed down by federal swat team. Washington Post reports Lady holding an "I told You So" sign was thrown to the ground and incarcerated"

Monday, March 28, 2016

How Does Muslim Immigration Help America?

FBI veteran Don Borelli appeared on MSNBC last week to speak about the recent terrorist massacres in Paris and Brussels. Borelli pointed out that no number of police at the airport could have stopped the carnage. He suggested we needed better intelligence. However, most of the terrorists involved had been on our watch lists--it seems that neither our intelligence efforts or police on the ground can stop an act of terrorism-if they're in the country! Perhaps keeping them out of the country would be a better way of stopping domestic terrorism?
The terrorists are currently able to live inside Muslim neighborhoods which are expanding throughout Europe and America. Residents of these ethnic strongholds have resisted any intrusion into their safe zones and many in the West, fearful of being called bigots and racists, have left them to their own devices. However, when the police eventually captured the terrorists who had conducted the Paris massacre and the Belgian airport bombings, they were found hiding in just such neighborhoods, living with "peaceful" Muslim families. 
Ted Cruz reacted to this threat by calling for regular police patrols inside Muslim neighborhoods in America to guard against terrorists and prevent the residents from being radicalized. England's Prime Minister had already announced that they would monitor their Muslim neighborhoods. The lesson from all this is that while all Muslims are not terrorists, many are sympathetic to them, will offer them protection and support, and will certainly not call them out or report them to authorities.   
There are three approaches being offered to deal with this danger. Mr. Cruz wants to expand surveillance within Muslim neighborhoods. Ms Clinton opposes that as racial profiling and wants to admit more Muslim immigrants and grant them access to immediate welfare benefits and free medical care. Mr Trump wants to exclude Muslim immigrants, perhaps all immigrants, until they can be properly vetted.
With hindsight, one must wonder why European nations allowed so many Islamic immigrants to establish large enclaves that retain their cultural traditions and jihadist attitudes. Even the "peaceful' ones allow the most radical killers to hide within their neighborhoods. Culturally, they will probably never assimilate into their adopted lands. How does such added "diversity" help the European countries that host these mostly angry young men? 
With similar hindsight, why do we allow them to enter our country and establish whole neighborhoods that we must support but can't effectively police? We have no obligation to inflict this burden on our country. Clearly President Obama and Ms Clinton are pursuing suicidal policies that endanger America and its people.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Nazi type Protesters Bused in to Disrupt Candidate's Speech

A headline in today's Standard Times highlights a "change" in American culture- a change for the worse. It reads:

     "Police Calls up at Keith School. Mayor, school committee say concerns over violence at middle school must be addressed."

The article goes on to say that the school atmosphere "is mired in a lack of discipline and violence among the students" and has seen 40 calls for the police to quell disturbances in the school during the current school year.
The administration has called for meetings among the staff to discuss the problems. But that won't help-this disruptive behavior has been going on for years, the meetings have been held for years, the turmoil continues, the number of employees paid to control the misbehavior keeps increasing, and this is all for twelve-thirteen year olds in a middle school! And this school is run by "education experts" and administrators with college degrees in education!
Undoubtedly the teachers are handicapped by fear of lawsuits, political correctness, and difficult parents-but, maybe someone should do something--this is not just a New Bedford problem. Too many of the nation's students are out of control. Think about what they will be like when they have grown up!
The latter thought made me reflect on the protesting and riotous behavior inside a Chicago college auditorium last night that dominated the evening news-gangs of protesters had been bused in and organized to close down a scheduled political speech by Donald Trump, the leading Republican candidate in the presidential primaries. The protest resembled those of the brown and black shirt thugs that Mussolini and Hitler used to take over Germany and Italy in the 1930's. Those Nazi gangs' primary purpose was the same-to disrupt the meetings of opposing parties. Last night, however, our news media, were suggesting that the candidate was the one at fault because he had allegedly used "disruptive" language in the past. Thus, the victim was painted as the wrong-doer and the perpetrators were declared innocent! To hear the newscasters, the disruptive gangs, like Hitler's black shirts, were merely exercising their free speech rights. Give me a break! 


Take Your Pick- More Downward Drift or Disruption?

Anyone watching the news lately might believe that America's political candidates have lost their senses. Hardly a day goes by without the talking heads on TV reporting that one of the candidates said something simply awful-and then suggesting that the indiscreet candidate should just drop out of the race. But what's wrong with speaking the truth, unvarnished, and disrupting the power brokers in Washington?
I understand that in these days of stifling political correctness you have to guard your tongue carefully. It is difficult to voice an opinion without being charged you're sexist, or racist, or anti-this-or-anti-that! Our president won't even refer to the terrorists killers as radical Muslims. Some of this Orwellian fear of mere words comes from our Leftist elites who tell us our country stinks and all religions and cultures are equally praiseworthy-therefore you cannot criticize Honor Killings, throat slitting, sacred cows, or illegal immigrants. And you have to love diversity and immigrants no matter how awful some of the diverse elements may be!
Any candidate who says it like it is and decries the corruption and compromise that has soiled out nation's capitol is labeled "disruptive" and "divisive."  The establishment figures who rule Washington and our media do not want any "disruption" of their cozy posts. 

But with America in the doldrums, impotent abroad, broke at home, stuck in partisan gridlock, and the Middle Class suffering from declining income, isn't it time someone was disruptive? If we keep sending back cautious and compromising characters to Washington will anything get fixed? Won't that just continue the downward "drift" of our fortunes? Isn't it about time we disrupted this incompetent mess that holds our nation in a death-grip? You have to break some eggs to make an omelette!